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We present Limelight handmade mechanical electronic pipes and accessories.

An electronic pipe is an alternative to a traditional tobacco pipe. The pipe bowl acts as a battery compartment accompanied with a switch on top, while the atomizer with its liquid reservoir is attached at the “stem base” of the pipe.

Limelight products emerge from a single piece of wood and metal becoming works of art. They bring past to the future, nature to technology and elegance to functionality. Every Limelight component is a fully custom made piece built by hand, in our workshop in Central Serbia, giving us the freedom to develop and create the ultimate vaping experience. Each single piece produced and numbered individually becomes unique and unrepeatable. The merit lies in the precious care spent on personalizing and adding fnishing touches to the wood, metal fnish and the mechanics. Attention to details, refnements of the highest quality and a unique design, are the distinguishing features of these original e-pipes. They have made tradition and innovation challenges to be proud of.